Imaging Core Technician

Administrative Professional
Worcester, MA

School - Microbio & Physio System MaPS - W402400
Non Union Position -W60- Non Unit Professional
Aug. 29, 2016


We are seeking a technically oriented individual to take responsibility for day-to-day operation of our light microscopy imaging core facility on a part time basis.  Current instruments include an OMX V4 super-resolution microscope, Nikon A1 confocal microscope, and custom built multiphoton microscope, an Olympus TIRF system, and a number of semi-automated bright field microscopes. Responsibilities include training new users, qualifying users to operate instruments independently, performing routine maintenance, troubleshooting problems reported by users, performing repairs where possible (e.g. laser module replacement), and scheduling service/repairs with manufacturers as required. Extensive microscopy experience, while desirable, is not essential. Good computer skills, organizational skills, facility with one-on one training, and technical literacy and an interest in instrumentation are essential.  A foundation in biology is a plus. Background and training with specific instruments will be provided.




  • Maintain the department digital imaging facility and assist/instruct faculty, staff, and students in using it
  • Use practical knowledge of digital imaging techniques, networked imaging devices, ie scanners, film recorders, printers, cameras, digital imaging editing software, PC and MAC platforms, troubleshooting, and traditional photographic methods
  • Prepare publication quality black and white and color prints for use in grant applications, original posters, for scientific meetings, and publication in scientific journals
  • Prepare black and white and color slides and photographs from light and electron micrographs, radiographs, gels, tissue culture wells, gross anatomical specimens, live laboratory animals, and microscope slides
  • Improve current procedures, develop new techniques, and evaluate data
  • Assist department members in preparing electronic presentations
  • Act as a department resource on imaging issues
  • Stay current with the latest technological developments in the imaging field through research and attendance at meetings and seminars
  • Manage equipment and supplies in the imaging facility. Instruct faculty, staff, and students in proper use
  • Maintain records of imaging costs and produce quarterly billing statements
  • Perform other duties as required



  • Bachelor's degree in a life science, humanities, or computer science with an emphasis in biomedical imaging techniques or equivalent experience  
  • 2 years of related experience in digital imaging techniques.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform digital imaging techniques, PC and MAC hardware and software formats, troubleshooting, and traditional photographic methods
  • Effective oral and written English communication skills required to effectively understand and meet the diverse requirements of teaching and research faculty

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